Fred McEntire
Fred McEntire

This is not an ABC book for toddlers.

Like the (sub)title says, this book
is an alphabet book for bigger kids
. . . like you.

The Tongue-tied ABC book contains
90 of my letters,

3 different designs for each letter
plus a few extras thrown in.

The featured design has a little story
where most words start with that letter.

Below are a few spreads
to show you what I mean.

Softcover, 64 pages, 8" x 10"

Price: $14.95 (USD) plus shipping

(PA residents: $16.00 after tax)

Fred McEntire

Jacketed Jackie is joyfully jaunty

after hitting the jackpot in June with

her Jersey Jerry's Jurassic Jungle jingle.

She's jumpy about a job jinx, so the

jingle jockey's just joined Joe's Junkyard

as a juggling junior janitor.

"Joe's junkmen's jaws are ajar when I'm jugglin'

jumbo jars of jam or jelly or jumpin' a jim-dandy jig

with a jillion javelins. I don't jig and juggle javelins.

Just jig jumpin' jerks juggle javelins!"

Fred McEntire

Kept clad in a khaki kimono and a kilt,

Kiefer's called The King of Karate

at the Kalamazoo zoo.

In The Keys,

Kiefer the Karate King

is kind of a klutz!

Kiefer's karate couldn't keep

the cone contents from keeling over

ker-splat! onto Krissy.


Krissy fell on her kisser,

Kiefer fell on his keister.

Fred McEntire

Looks like this laid-back lad's mislaid his lucky lariat.

"I'd like to locate the lost lasso so I can loop lots of

lazy, lily-livered longhorns and lead 'em to Laramie."


After lunch, he's likely a legionnaire leaping

to liberate a luckless lass or, lots later,

a little lumberjack loading logs.


Unless he's lured by a lullaby.


Lullaby listening'll likely lead a lad

on a leap to La La Land lickety-split.